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Donate now to ensure CARE can respond to the needs of those impacted by COVID-19, especially women and girls who are disproportionately impacted by emergencies and health crises. Women comprise about 70% of the global health workforce, putting them on the front line of fighting COVID-19.

Your gift today, can help CARE respond to COVID-19 so that we can support the most vulnerable people in the poorest countries of the world that do not have basic hygiene items to protect themselves.

CARE’s focus right now:

  • Distribution of soap and other essential hygiene items.
  • Hygiene promotion and education, targeting transmission risks and prevention of COVID19.
  • Increase water supply in water-scarce areas to enable handwashing and household hygiene.
  • Infection Prevention Control (IPC). IPC is a scientific approach and practical solution designed to prevent harm caused by infection to patients and health workers; good IPC is essential to minimize the impact of COVID-19, especially in already weak health systems.
  • Support and protect our aid workers who are also at risk.

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can provide a household with 2x20L water containers; 4.5kg handwashing soap; clothes washing detergent (3.6kg) and female sanitary items which could help a 6-person household for 3 months.

can help set-up a handwashing station with soap, installed at key locations such as latrines, schools, and markets.

can help stock a medical clinic. Vital supplies such as antibiotics, medicines, vitamins, medical equipment, syringes, gauze and bandages can help save lives.

Your one-time donation of   can help women and girls continue the work in their communities to lift themselves and their loved ones out of poverty and out of crisis.


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