Cyclone Idai

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Countries in southern Africa have been hit by what is possibly the deadliest cyclone ever recorded in the region. Cyclone Idai has caused over 750 deaths, with this number increasing each day, and affected more than 2.1 million people.

In early March 2019, severe weather caused flooding in parts of Malawi and Mozambique. This system escalated into tropical cyclone Idai, which hit close to the city of Beira, Mozambique as a Category 3 cyclone on March 14. The storm continued over central Mozambique and into Zimbabwe. There is an ongoing risk that others will lose their lives to flooding in the cyclone-affected region, with rainfall expected to continue.

CARE is on the ground providing water purification tablets, menstrual hygiene items, jerry cans and soap, emergency latrines and hygiene promotion support to prevent water contamination and water-borne diseases.

  • $34 can provide a shelter repair kit
  • $50 can provide emergency food for a child
  • $60 can provide clean water for a family
  • $250 can provide a disaster support kit

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