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Your tax-deductible, one-time gift will help women and girls in developing countries lift themselves and their families out of poverty and out of crisis.

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can provide emergency food for a child. Foods high in protein and calories help severely malnourished children gain weight and build strength.

can help a woman start her own business. When a woman starts a business, her whole community benefits. Her children receive better nutrition and improved school access, while other women and their families benefit from the knowledge she shares.

can provide a disaster support kit when an emergency strikes. A kit includes first aid kits, tarpaulins and other life-saving equipment and training in how to prepare and survive natural disasters.

can provide a water pump to a community in need. A simple pump allows families to access clean water close to their homes instead of walking for hours every day.

Your one-time donation of ? can help women and girls continue the work in their communities to lift themselves and their loved ones out of poverty and out of crisis.



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To make a donation on behalf of a business or organization, please contact us at or 1-800-267-5232 (service is in French and English).

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