It is in the shelter of each other that people live. -Irish Proverb

You can help give shelter for a refugee. Donate now.

There are more than 65 million refugees around the world today, and half of them are children.

Families have been forced to flee, often with just the clothes on their back, to reach shelter, to reach safety. In Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh alone, nearly 700,000 refugees have fled Myanmar since August 2017, CARE is on the ground providing urgently needed aid.

The crowded, makeshift camps that provide temporary shelter are exposed to landslides and flooding from the heavy annual monsoon rains that are coming on right now. Providing emergency aid, like shelter, clean water and food is just one of the ways we help families in crisis.

Your donation will help refugees and others in crisis around the world:

Your $25 gift can help provide items like a tie-down kit to secure shelters to the earth during monsoon winds
Your $45 gift can help provide items like clean clothes, a flashlight and other vital needs for a woman living in a refugee camp
Your $125 gift can help upgrade a refugee shelter for a woman and her family, increasing the shelter’s durability during wind and storms

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