Come Together for Refugees

Many refugees live in close proximity in overcrowded camps; either relying on humanitarian aid for survival or informal, unofficial daily wage work. They are at increased risk both on the health front, from contracting coronavirus, but also because of the economic implications of coronavirus lockdowns and movement restrictions.

Many refugee response plans are critically underfunded, and without your support, all these initiatives and programmes are at risk.

Your gift today, can help CARE continue to support refugees around the world, as they protect themselves from COVID-19 with access to basic hygiene items and continue the work of lifting themselves and their families out of poverty.

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can provide a household with 2x20L water containers; 4.5kg handwashing soap; clothes washing detergent (3.6kg) and female sanitary items which could help a 6-person household for 3 months.

can help set-up a handwashing station with soap, installed at key locations such as latrines, schools, and markets.

can help a woman start her own business. With the resources to establish her own business, her children receive better nutrition and improved school access, while other women and their families benefit from the knowledge she shares.

can help stock a medical clinic for one day. Vital supplies such as antibiotics, medicines, vitamins, medical equipment, syringes, gauze and bandages can help save lives.

Your one-time donation of   can help women and girls continue the work in their communities to lift themselves and their loved ones out of poverty and out of crisis.


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