CARE 75th Anniversary Special Edition CARE Package®

CARE 75th Anniversary Special Edition CARE Package®

Not since World War II, when CARE got its start, has the world faced such a global crisis.

The very first CARE Packages® were food rations for those left vulnerable by the war. As COVID-19 threatens the most vulnerable, especially women and girls, the CARE Package® the world needs now is one that unlocks her leadership.

Globally, more than 70 per cent of healthcare workers are women. They are keeping us safe, but often at great risk to themselves. We need your help to change this!

Your $75 CARE Package gift can help provide two sets of vital personal protective equipment for a medical professional.

For 75 years, donors like you have reached beyond borders, to show care and support for those in poverty and crisis. Make a special gift today and give the CARE Package® the world needs now.


Gabriela works with CARE as a health worker in the PROLEMPA project, supporting communities in the Intibucá region of Honduras.

"My name is Gabriela Portillo, I am 30 years old and I am happy to be a humanitarian worker. There has been a great effort to the [COVID-19] response. We are so aware of the responsibility we bear each time we visit a community.

We use masks N95 masks to protect those that come into contact with us. Full protective personal protective equipment is something that we leave for hospital use, for those working in COVID-19 wards, even more exposed than us, those battling with the virus in the hospitals. [Here in Honduras] PPE is scarce and they need it to protect their lives.

Very few times have I’ve seen women’s needs prioritized but in this project, we have made them a priority. For me, it has been a great experience. I am happy that CARE supports women leaders with capacity building, so they help in preventing COVID spread in their community."

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