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CAREgift FAQ About CAREgifts CAREgifts are representative of CARE Canada's work in 36 countries. These uniquue, powerful gifts help fight poverty and defend dignity by providing life-saving solutions, education, and empower vulnerable women and their families to become self-sufficient.

About CARE Gifts

The gifts in the CARE Gift Catalogue are representative of what CARE Canada does to support the fight against poverty.

To help deliver the most effective solutions to the greatest number of people, your donation will be combined with other funds and used where most needed, not necessarily to purchase or distribute the actual item shown. CAREgifts help empower women, girls and their communities while also being a unique and meaningful gift for the gift recipient.

CARE Gifts empower women and girls to lift themselves, their families and entire communities out of poverty.

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Featured Gifts
Send a girl to school for a year Give bee hives
Bee hives $65
Start a village savings and loan group A fifth birthday
Empowerment bracelet Warm blankets Piglet
Piglet $40
Click here for more information about Emergency food for a child
How It Works:
Step 1 Choose your gift With more than 40 unique gifts to choose from, there's something for everyone on your list.
CARE Gift card
Step 2 Free e-cardWe send an e-card that explains your gift and the donation you've made in their name. Customize your card with a personal message.
Help families in need
Step 3 Help families in need Your donation will be used where it's most needed to help families turn crises of poverty, conflict or disaster into opportunity to build better lives.



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