CARE Gifts

How much of my donation will go to projects overseas?

CARE Canada spent 93% of total expenditures on development and humanitarian programs in 2018/19.

How is my gift delivered to communities CARE works with?

CARE Gifts represent programs that empower women, girls and their communities to bring people together to end inequality and change the world for the better. Donations from the sale of each gift are combined with other funds to help deliver the most effective solutions to the greatest number of people.

Can I ask for a gift to be delivered to a particular place?

The power of CARE Gifts is in how donations are pooled together to most effectively reach those who most need support. Each gift is an example of the tangible ways we support women and girls to lead their families and communities out of poverty. Working this way means that the donations fund activities in communities where they will make the greatest difference. In many programs, we partner with local leaders and staff to source local items in the countries where we work.

Why are CARE's prices higher or lower than others I have seen?

CARE locally sources tools and support for our programs. Price variations occur most often because the cost of supplying an item to one destination is higher or lower than the price of an item in a different location.

How are animals treated and cared for once given to a family?

Livestock goes beyond providing families with a source of nutrition. Animals are an important source of income so taking good care of an animal ensures a family can earn an income for years to come.

We provide farmers with the training and resources they need to care for animals properly, and to ensure the animals are being well fed without taking any food away from the family. This includes veterinary services, vaccinations, feeding and how to grow or access the best feed for that animal.

Will I get a tax receipt for my CARE gift?

Yes! All gifts purchased for more than $10 will receive a tax receipt.


What kind of cards can I choose from?

  • E-Cards: You can send this card by email to yourself or to the recipient of your choice.
  • Printable cards: This card can be printed at home and personalized with the message of your choice.
  • Mailed cards: Mailed cards are printed and mailed by CARE Canada via Canada Post directly to the recipient of your choice. CARE Canada will add the personalized message of your choice to the mailed card before it is sent in the mail.

You can add a personalized message to all card options.

Can I send a card directly to my friend or loved one?


  • Send an E-Card: Add the recipient’s email and you can personalize a message to them before sending.
  • Send a mailed card: You can also send a card directly by choosing the printable card option. The mailed card option is printed by CARE Canada and will be delivered by Canada Post to the recipient address of your choice.

How long will it take for my card to arrive?

  • E-Card: If you choose to send an E-Card, you can send your card immediately upon purchase.
  • Mailed card: If you wish to receive or send a mailed card, please allow up to three weeks for postal delivery. Postal delivery speed may be impacted by COVID-19 or by high volume requests during holidays. Canada Post recommends sending your mailed card as early as possible to avoid postal delays. Mailed cards are processed by CARE Canada on Mondays through Fridays and will be delivered via Canada Post. The cards will be mailed from Ottawa, Canada. Please check with Canada Post for the estimated delivery date to your recipient based on their location.

What do the cards look like?

CARE Gifts Card Samples:

Do I have to send a card?

No, you do not. Simply choose "No card is necessary" when presented with the card type options and you will be taken to the next step in the checkout process.

The E-Card I requested has not arrived yet.

The E-Card may not have arrived because of computer settings or firewalls. Please check your "junk" folder in the email inbox. If you require further assistance, please contact CARE by emailing info@care.ca or calling 1-800-267-5232 (service available in French and English).

Can I get one card only for multiple gift purchases?


Often CARE Canada supporters will purchase multiple items for one recipient and would like just one card to be sent along with the gifts. In this case, select your first gift and select the card type you would like associated with the purchase. Here you can add the recipient’s information and personalize your message as well. For all other gift items purchased, simply select “No card is necessary” when presented with the card type options. If you require further assistance, please contact CARE by emailing info@care.ca or calling 1-800-267-5232 (service available in French and English).

What should I do if I haven’t received my card?

If your CARE greeting card did not arrive within 14 days of placing your order please contact CARE by emailing info@care.ca or 1-800-267-5232 (service available in French and English).


I’m having trouble completing my order. What should I do?

If you’re having trouble completing your order we’re here to help! Contact us by email at info@care.ca or phone at 1-800-267-5232 (service is available French and English).