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Let's Make #March4Women

In the world's poorest communities, women and girls are hardest hit by the climate crisis.

Because women are already less likely to earn an income or have access to a bank account, a woman will have less money to help herself and her family survive when a humanitarian disaster strikes. Both during and in the aftermath of disasters, it's usually men who make decisions about how to respond to these crises and this means the rights of women and girls are often overlooked.

While women and girls face the greatest risk in times of crisis, we know they are also our greatest community leaders.

We're calling on governments, aid agencies, and local authorities to ensure that women and girls are not only seen and heard within the humanitarian system, but able to play meaningful roles in shaping humanitarian policies and programs.

We cannot overcome the challenges facing humanity with half of the world's population left on the sidelines.

Join the global movement to make #March4Women and pledge your support to uphold the rights of women and girls in conflict and crisis around the world.

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