Walk in Her Shoes - Soliciting Donations for Basic Education in Afghanistan


I’m joining forces with CARE* Canada and raising funds to empower women and girls around the world to fight global poverty

In many developing countries, women and girls walk more than 8,000 steps each day to access food, water and health care for their family, leaving little time for education or paid work. 
On March 9, I will join other like-minded individuals in the "Walk in Her Shoes" campaign - a 103km relay around Vancouver, each leg of the relay supporting a specific CARE project. The donations that my leg receives will support the Basic Education for Afghanistan Consortium’s (BEACON; see: http://www.care.ca/beacon) goal of ensuring that children and youth have the knowledge and skills to be productive members of Afghan society. This project focuses on increasing accessibility of community based education in rural areas

Thank you,
Nicole Ong 

CARE focuses on global issues such as maternal and child health, education, economic empowerment, adaptation to climate change and emergency relief. The necessities to empowering women, children and whole communities through the ability to live, learn and earn.



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