Help me help Nepal

 Hi Everyone,

I just had the privilege to visit Nepal a few weeks ago and I was so blessed to see Nepal in all its glory and beauty before the earthquake.

I am so lucky to now be home safe and sound but the same can't be said for all the many friends and people that I met in Nepal. I am in contact with many friends that I met there but unfortunately I still have not be able to make contact with one dear friend who I spent over 2 weeks with. Fingers crossed he is ok. 

I am now joining forces with CARE Canada and raising funds to help Nepal. Please help Nepal and SPONSOR my fundraiser today.  You will receive a tax receipt if you donate $10 or more to my efforts.   

All funds raised will go towards supporting CARE Canada in Nepal and anything raised before May 25th will be matched by the Canadian Government!!!

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on April 25 that now has the death toll at over 7,000 which is estimated to reach over 10,000. Over 8 million people will be affected with countless injuries and many left homeless.

The most immediate needs during this critical time are shelter, medical support, food, and clean water. CARE has over 150 staff in Nepal already working in the majority of the most affected districts. CARE’s initial response aims to reach 100,000 people with lifesaving aid such as emergency shelter, and clean water.  

Thank you for taking the time to Donate!!!  

xoxo Sarah







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