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On July 14, 2018, I board a flight in Vancouver and will travel over days two days to reach Lilongwe, Malawi. There I will join a group of fantastic, committed women to see first hand the CARE team is doing to help Malawian women and girls as well as their communities.

Malawi continues to have some of the highest child mortality rates in the world, much of it attributed to malnutrition. CARE knows that addressing malnutrition today not only saves children’s lives today but also can bring economic benefits 100 times greater than the cost of interventions in the years to come. Based on its experience with what works, CARE's Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies program in Malawi takes a comprehensive approach to solving malnutrition by providing clinical therapeutic services, introducing nutrition education, promoting good agricultural practices, improving water and sanitation, and providing micro-financing to women’s groups to strengthen women's economic power and financial autonomy.

It should be fascinating to see how this support comes together on the ground. Please follow us on our experience in Malawi through Instagram @vancouvercouncil4carecanada

After five days with CARE in Malawi, I will then travel to Tanzania to attempt the trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro — the top of Africa (19,000 ft or 5800m) — to raise funds for CARE’s Malawi project.

Please sponsor my efforts! Your donation will multiply impact! This initiative is a project in partnership with Global Affairs Canada - CARE must raise $2.1 million to leverage the full commitment of $21.1 million from the federal government. And every donation of $10 or more is receiptable as a tax-deductible contribution.

Thank you for your encouragement as I climb Mt Kilimanjaro and for your support of CARE’s Malawi project.

Daphne Meredith

P.S.  For more information on the Malawi project, please go to > 
or contact Danielle Semple at danielle.semple@care.ca

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