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We are overwhelmingly grateful for Zoe's speedy and safe delivery. As many of you know, Zoe was born at home because she came so quickly, Carolyn didn't have time to get to the hospital. Thankfully our midwife was able to get to us on time and paramedics were on hand in case they were needed. We have always taken good medical care for granted, but the prospect of facing a dangerous situation at home alone highlighted for us how lucky we are in the developed world to have access to first-rate care.

We we would like to give thanks by helping others in less fortunate situations to have healthy and safe births. In the developing world, health clinics are often far-flung and there is limited transportation. CARE Canada is an established charity working to safeguard women's health in developing countries through pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. One of the projects that CARE Canada is engaged in is assisting rural communities in Tanzania to develop emergency transportation for pregnant women by providing motorized tricycles for emergency obstetrics transportation.

In lieu of gifts you may be considering for Zoe, please consider a donation to Care Canada.

Donations over $10 are eligable for tax receipts.

Thank you,

Carolyn and Jeff Ruby

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