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DIYA is a UofMosaic community service project dedicated to bringing together young Canadians with Indian and Pakistani ties in common pursuit of peace and reconciliation in South Asia.
As a follow up project to the UofMosaic India-Pakistan Dialogue Series 2013-2014, DIYA serves as a platform for participants of the series to work together in ways beyond the confines of traditional dialogue. 

The term 'diya' comes from both Hindi and Urdu, meaning 'oil lamp'. As a common symbol for knowledge and education, it aligns with our goals to impact education for women and children. And as a symbol of light, it represents our goal to bring hope to the volatile region.

We are pleased to partner with CARE Canada as a fundraiser for their Project BEACON (Basic Education of Afghanistan Consortium). Its goal is to ensure that children and youth have the knowledge and skills to be productive members of the Afghan society. This involves building schools and classrooms, providing teaching aids and learning materials, and in the long run, improving the functions of the government's department of education. As part of our goals, DIYA is committed to raise $10,000 by September 2014 for our beneficiary. 

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We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated and supported the DIYA Fundraising Gala!  The night was filled with inspirational speeches and touching performances.  We hope that all participants were able to gain something from the event, and were inspired to spread the word about DIYA and CARE Canada's BEACON Project! 
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