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(Basic Education for Afghanistan Consortium)


 Start Date: 2012 End Date: 2014 Lives Affected: 25,800

25,000 male and female students; 800 teachers; Every dollar given will be leveraged by the Canadian government at a 12:1 ratio. 


Afghanistan is rated 173rd out of the177 countries listed on the Human Development Index, a tool that ranks countries based on life expectancy, education and population income.

More than 77 per cent of the Afghan population lives in rural remote areas and45 per cent of the population is under 15years old.4

Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education currently operates 9,000 primary schools, though capacity of these schools is unable to support the educational needs of the country.5

Project BEACON aims to ensure children and youth have the knowledge and skills to be productive members of Afghan society.


BEACON’s ultimate goal is to ensure that children and youth have the knowledge and skills to be productive members of Afghan society. The project will focus on increasing the availability and delivery of community-based education inrural areas while building sustainability of programs through community and government support.

 The BEACON project’s core activities are attributed to three key functions:

1.  Improving Access and Availability

                Primary education: CARE and its BEACON partners will establish community-based primary schools in rural areas where Ministry of Education-supported schools are not easily accessible. CARE will target primary-aged children, particularly girls, with the location of these schools ensuring classrooms are established within safe walking distances from homes and meet gender-based standards and needs.

                Accelerated learning programs and adult literacy classes will also be offered in rural communities to meet the needs of youth and adults, giving better access to educational opportunities for all groups and emphasizing the importance of education and literacy to the community as a whole.

 2.  Improving Resources and Delivery

                Learning tools: BEACON partners will improve access to educational resources by providing suitable learning materials within community classrooms and expanding community libraries.

                Recruiting and training quality teachers: CARE and its partners will focus on recruiting and training members of the community as teachers, with a particular emphasis on females. BEACON partners will deliver core training packages to new teachers and provide ongoing support in the classrooms to enable teachers to increase skills and improve learning outcomes.

 3.  Improving Support and Long-term Sustainability

                Community participation: Community participation is vital to the long-term success of student enrollment, attendance, teacher selection and maintenance of classroom spaces. Acknowledging this key success factor, CARE and its partners will work to form community groups that support wide spread involvement in decision-making and perform social audits that gauge ongoing needs for quality education in rural villages.

                Government support: To improve government support of community-based education, BEACON partners will engage the Ministry of Education to share knowledge of best practices, coordinate strategies and develop future procedures and implementation plans.


Thank you for your consideration to support this project with a gift of any amount.  Every dollar given will be leveraged by the Canadian government at a 12:1 ratio.  A tax receipt will be given for gifts of $10 or more.    

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