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Welcome to Team IWF (International Women's Forum) Walk In Her Shoes page!

On Sunday, March 8th, our team will be walking 10,000 steps in solidarity with women from developing countries who walk this distance – every day – to collect what they need to survive like water, food, and firewood.

We have been incredibly fortunate to travel to Bolivia and Malawi, two countries where our Vancouver Council for CARE Canada is making a difference. We would love it if you would consider joining us and / or support us for the 6th annual WALK IN HER SHOES challenge and help break this cycle of poverty. 

This year, all funds raised by CARE’s WALK IN HER SHOES challenge, will support efforts to address the root causes of  malnutrition in Malawi through CARE's Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies campaign. 

We ask that you join our "TEAM IWF" and walk with your sisters as we celebrate International Women's Day!

Thank you very much. 

Joanne Gassman and Barbara Ross-Denroche


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