Gifts of Research

Chronic insomnia disrupts the lives of many cancer survivors. Your gift will help fund important research testing a new therapy designed to help survivors better manage or even eliminate this common side effect.
Your gift will help researchers launch a new and innovative test program that encourages routine exercise by young children and their parents so they can live long, healthy, cancer-free lives.
Your gift will fund important cancer research led by Canada's best and brightest researchers. Thanks to you, we can make a difference in the lives of Canadians living with this disease.
Some cancers, such as brain, lung, pancreatic, ovarian and esophageal cancers, are particularly hard to treat in part because they can be difficult to diagnose early. This gift will fund critical research to shed light on how to diagnose these cancers earlier and treat them more effectively.
Your gift will fund cutting edge research to identify cancer patients most at risk of mental health issues and develop new and effective resources to help them thrive.
Your gift will ensure researchers have the equipment and supplies they need to conduct critical research to support our vision of a world where no Canadian fears cancer.
Imagine being told that your cancer has metastasized and is not curable. Your gift will continue to give hope to people living with metastatic cancer by funding critical research. Your gift will also connect people living with metastatic cancer with others facing the same battle, to strengthen and widen their support community.
Your gift will fund the costly step of moving one patient into a clinical trial, which may help them in their journey to recovery and give hope to countless others!
Our immune system can find and destroy cancer cells, but often times, these cells are hard to detect. Your gift will help frontline researchers develop and test ground breaking new therapies to teach the immune system to find cancer and attack it. Be part of one of the most promising areas of cancer research and help us make new treatments a reality!