Gifts of Research

Breakthroughs in cancer research can't happen without basic equipment like a microscope. Researchers use this essential tool to gain knowledge that can't be uncovered with the naked eye knowledge that could lead to life-saving discoveries. THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 1X!
He's your coach, your role model, your rock. He's Dad! This gift will provide essential support services for men with cancer, as well as fund cutting-edge research so fewer dads will be affected by cancer. Honour the special man in your life with The Dad Project. THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 1X!
Childhood cancer is the number one cause of disease-related death in Canadian children. This gift supports research to find new ways to detect, diagnose and treat childhood cancer to create lasting change in the health of young cancer patients. THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 2X!
They always hold a special place in our hearts. Take care of grandparents like they cared for you with The Granny and Grampy Project. This gift supports research to create specialized cancer care for seniors to enhance quality of life. THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 1X!
Everyone wants to protect those they love: their mother, sister, or friend. With The Pink Ribbon Project, help fund research to prevent, diagnose and treat breast cancer. Stand with the important women in your life, and all women affected by this disease. THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 5X!
Some cancers, such as brain, lung, pancreatic, ovarian and esophageal cancers, are particularly hard to treat in part because they can be difficult to diagnose early. This gift will fund critical research to shed light on how to diagnose these cancers earlier and treat them more effectively. THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 1X!
Your gift will not only help to fund the costly step of moving patients into a clinical trial, which could help them on their journey to recovery, it will also give hope to all Canadians affected by cancer. THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 4X!
Personalized medicine takes into account the whole individual, and customizes treatments based on their lifestyles, genetic makeup and needs. Support this emerging area of tailored care with the gift of Personalized Medicine. THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 1X!
Your gift provides our dedicated cancer research teams with highly specialized equipment and supplies needed to carry out critical life-saving research. Stock a lab today and help us get closer to a cancer-free Canada tomorrow. THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 1X!
Your gift will fund the most innovative cancer research, led by Canada's best and brightest researchers. Give The Gift of Discovery today and contribute to a cancer-free tomorrow.THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 1X!
Imagine being told that your cancer has metastasized and is not curable. Your gift will continue to give hope to people living with metastatic cancer by funding critical research. Your gift will also connect people living with metastatic cancer with others facing the same battle, to strengthen and widen their support community. THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 5X!
One of the most exciting areas of cancer research today is immunotherapy. Researchers are exploring how to use the body's own immune system to treat cancer, and, with your help, they can continue to develop and test these groundbreaking new therapies. THIS GIFT IS MATCHED 1X!