Fundraising Tool Kit

WE ARE GRATEFUL TO YOU for committing to make the 2021 Virtual Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Fest a success. We know that together we can make the AIDS Walk a success and get one step closer to zero new infections.

WALK, DANCE, VACUUM MAKE YOUR PLEDGE & JOIN US: This Virtual Baltimore AIDS Walk & Fest, YOU decide your activity and goal! From May 23rd and June 5th, challenge yourself and others to achieve your goal and pledge your support of those living with HIV and join the community to make sure HIV ends with US.

GO VIRAL WITH THE FACTS: Share the knowledge and build awareness about HIV in the US on your social media platforms.

  • HIV is a virus.
  • HIV is not currently curable, but it is preventable and treatable.
  • HIV is NOT a status: a person is not HIV+; a person lives with HIV.
  • HIV can infect any person. There is no ‘type’ of person with HIV. There’s no reason or place for shame when we talk about having any illness.
  • With continued treatment and suppressed (undetectable) viral loads, HIV is NOT transmittable through sex: undetectable equals untransmittable.
  • HIV was first diagnosed in the United States 40 years ago, since then advancements in testing and treatment have significantly increased the quality and length of someone’s life.
  • As much as we know about testing and prevention, infection rate in younger generations remains high. Talk about it. Share the resources. Stop the shame. Expand testing and prevention.


  • Take the HIV Testing Challenge: Livestream, record, post a story, or TikTok it get your HIV test then tag your friends to take the HIV Testing Challenge. (You don’t need to share your results; just take the test.) Don’t forget the hashtags: #HIVEndsWithMe #BmoreAIDSWalk 
  • Thrivers tell all! Reduce the stigma, shame, and fear by sharing your own story as a long-term thriver living with HIV
  • Buddy up: set a goal date with your friends that you’ll each get tested by.
  • Get it out there: Share testing and prevention resources with younger generations and peers within your community
  • Send a reminder: Ecard, email, call, or Zoom friends and family to remind them that knowing if you have HIV is one of the best ways to stop the spread of HIV and end it for future generations
  • Undetectable? Share your story and inspire others by talking about how you made treatment work for you
  • Go social on repeat: Engage with your peers by posting a fast fact about HIV and the virtual AIDS Walk on social media once a week. Don’t forget the hashtags: #HIVEndsWithMe #BmoreVirtualAIDSWalk #BmoreAIDSWalk 
  • Access the Team Captain Kit for helpful tips!

Website & Online Fundraising

  • Is my 2021 username and password the same as my 2019 username and password?
    Yes, your username and password will remain the same if you register with the same email address you used in 2019.
  • I forgot my username and password. How can I find out what they are?
    If you forgot your username or password, click on the “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password?” link and enter your email address. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. You will need to follow this link to update your password.
  • How can friends and family find my individual fundraising webpage to donate?
    When you send an email from your Participant Center Page, the link to your individual fundraising web page will automatically be included at the bottom of the email. Also, on the home page of the website, friends and family can locate a participant by typing in the first and last name of the participant in the “Search Walkers and Teams” box. Upon clicking “Search,” they will be directed to the participant's individual fundraising web page.
  • Why is the “Search Walkers and Teams” search not finding a participant that I know has registered?
    You must type in the exact spelling of the first or last name of the person for whom you are looking. If you continue to have a problem locating a participant that you are sure has registered, please contact Clare Elliott at or call 410.837.2050, ext. 1034.
  • Why aren’t the cash and check contributions I have raised showing up on my personal fundraising webpage?
    While credit card donations made through the website will automatically appear on a walker’s personal web page, cash & check donations and matching grants are considered “offline” donations that must be entered by Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Festival staff. Please allow 3-5 business days after receipt for cash and check contributions to appear on your fundraising page.
  • Is my information secure?
    Yes. We have made every effort to protect your information. We use industry-standard SSL encryption techniques to make sure that your credit card information, passwords, and personal information travel securely over the Internet.

Team FAQ

Teams account for about 80% of the funds raised in walks. You are well on your way to be a successful team captain: you have registered and started a team. Of course, there is still a little work ahead. Visit the links below for helpful resources on your road to fundraising!

  • What are a Team Captain’s responsibilities?
    A Team Captain’s role is to recruit at least four team members, inspire individuals to donate, and motivate people to raise funds for his or her team. To promote team participation, a Team Captain’s first task is to send recruitment emails to all potential walkers. After walkers begin to register, following up on fundraising progress is the key to success.
  • How can I promote the Baltimore AIDS Walk to potential Team Members?
    We suggest:
    • Set up your team web page and send an email to recruit Team Members. Remember, anyone can join your team.
    • Ask family and friends, or invite vendors, clients, and customers to raise money and walk with your team.
    • Ask your company marketing team to put Walk information in internal communications, post to your community calendars and ask faith-based leaders to place in organizational bulletins
    • Encourage some co-workers to become co-leaders. Ask senior management to write an appeal to all employees urging them to register.
    • Hold an AIDS Awareness Day with a virtual kick-off luncheon or brunch. Sign up team members by phone/Zoom. An AIDS Walk representative can attend your virtual event and help make it a success!

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