Why We Walk

Why I Walk

When I smile it’s a reminder to myself that my life is worth living. It’s a reminder that I’m beautiful.

Why do you support the Baltimore AIDS Walk and music Festival? I support for all the people who need someone to inspire them to live their life fearlessly. Being positive is not the end.

Is there someone in particular who has been affected by HIV or AIDS who you honor through you effort? I honor myself; I have been my biggest cheerleader the past ten years I have been positive.

What drives you to get so involved? The youth inspire me everyday to be more involved.

How significant is the need in Baltimore for increased awareness of HIV and AIDS testing and treatment? It’s much needed. We need to shed light and positivity.

Why should others get involved? To become educated in HIV/AIDS and to be a support of our community.

I support Baltimore AIDS Walk and Music Festival because: I have been HIV positive since 2011, the Baltimore AIDS Walk and Music Festival has always been a reminder to stay strong and to be proud of who I am. Being HIV positive is nothing to be ashamed of and I want to spread that pride across the world. I am a proud gay black man that has overcome the trauma of being a newly positive teen. I want young boys who have just became positive to know that you are worthy of a happy life, love, and success.

-Dana Rhone


The Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Festival is a fundraising event benefiting the high-quality, comprehensive, and intensive HIV and AIDS programs of Chase Brexton Health Care, a non-profit community health organization, and its Community Partners. Money raised at this year’s AIDS Walk & Music Festival will help strengthen and expand HIV and AIDS education, testing, prevention, and treatment programs

Founded in 1978 as a gay men’s health clinic, Chase Brexton Health Care was on the frontlines of the AIDS epidemic when it first began to appear in our community in the early 80s. From our earliest days as an all-volunteer organization to the organization we are today employing more than 400 and serving more than 40,000 patients annually, Chase Brexton’s service to individuals living with HIV and AIDS has remained unparalleled.

Our HIV and AIDS programming and services include:

  • Physical exams & ongoing follow-up visits
  • Treatment for co-infections like hepatitis C
  • Peer advocacy and case management support for issues including insurance and the financial burdens of the disease
  • Intensive educational and adherence support for HIV medications & people living with HIV
  • On-site pharmacy with pharmacists specifically trained and experienced in HIV medications

Visit chasebrexton.org to learn more about our work.

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