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Defend Parental Rights: Oppose Mandatory Vaccination


  • State Representative Michael F. Brennan
  • State Representative Richard 'Dick' R. Farnsworth
  • State Senator Rebecca J. Millett
  • State Representative Shelley J. Rudnicki
  • State Representative David 'Dave' H. McCrea
  • State Representative Victoria 'Tori' P. Kornfield
  • State Representative Heidi H. Sampson
  • State Senator Matthew 'Matt' G. Pouliot
  • State Representative Janice S. Dodge
  • State Representative Henry L. Ingwersen
  • State Representative Gary A. Drinkwater
  • State Senator Brownie Carson
  • State Representative Justin J. Fecteau


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Dear [Decision Maker],

Maine has the highest vaccination rate in the country. Medical professionals, school leaders, and parents testified at the public hearing that LD 798 is not necessary. Please oppose eliminating the longstanding religious and philosophical exemptions that have served our state so well. I urge you to vote against LD 798 for the following reasons:

The government has a clear compelling interest as it pertains to public health. Is there not a solution to this challenge that does not trample on religious freedom and parental rights of Maine parents?

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