Most often the first sign of melanoma is a new, unusual-looking growth on the skin. Or you may notice a change in a mole that you have had for a long time.

Melanoma can start anywhere on your body, but it usually starts in areas of the skin that are exposed most often to the sun: head, face, neck, hands, arms, legs.

Melanoma border

All melanomas look different. Signs of a melanoma include a mole that:

  • is asymmetrical in shape (shape of one half does not match shape of other half)
  • has irregular border or jagged edges
  • is more than one colour (may be shades of black, brown or blue and sometimes white, grey, red or pink)
  • is more than 6 mm in diameter (bigger than a pencil eraser)
  • is itchy
  • changes in texture (becomes hard or lumpy)
  • oozes or bleeds
Melanoma assymetry

Other health problems can cause some of the same symptoms. Testing may be needed to make a diagnosis.



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