Female jailbird

Put cancer away for life

Jail-N-Bail offers people who behave badly the opportunity to atone for their misdeeds by giving them a chance to do something that will help cancer patients and their families.

Go ahead. Confess your crime. Turn yourself in and join the fun.

Here's your chance to lock up your boss for a day for calling too many meetings. Make that guilty colleague pay for taking the last of the coffee without making a new pot.

Like acting? At Jail-N-Bail, you can ham it up as a judge, prosecutor, defence attorney, court reporter or paparazzo.

Sign up today.

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Get your Reminder for Life

Sign up today. It's free and it might save your life.

Cancer screening and early detection are two of the most powerful tools you have to fight back against cancer. In most cases, catching cancer in its early stages is the key to successfully beating it.

To help keep you up to date, Reminder for Life will send you an annual reminder about what you need to discuss with your doctor, based on your age and gender.

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Be a cancer fighter

Join our dedicated team of cancer fighters by raising funds in support of the fight for life.

There are countless ways to contribute. Host your own fundraiser...Join a community event...Rally your co-workers...Get your school involved.

Your passion combined with our expertise will ensure your efforts make a big impact on the lives of Canadians.

We’ve made it easy for you to organize a fundraiser that is meaningful to you while raising funds for the fight against cancer.

Choose a fundraising idea and then let us know what you want to do.

We’ll provide you with all the tools and support you need to make it a success.

Get started.


Naughty elves doing good in Santa's workshop

Naughty elves in Santa's workshop in Weyburn

Guilty of stealing office pens? Failed to buy lunch for staff? Spend too much time in front of your computer?

Make your co-workers look bad by working too hard? Take up 2 parking spaces?

Don't be surprised if you find yourself on Santa's naughty list this year.

With some hard work on your part in Santa's workshop phone calls, emails, texts and a little help from your friends, family and co-workers in the form of donations on your behalf to help people facing cancer and their families, your name will definitely be moved to the nice list in time for Christmas Eve.

Why not beat others to it and add your name to Santa's naughty list yourself?

Here's your chance to add to the naughty list the names of co-workers who behaved badly during the year. Sign up as one of Santa's little helpers and report those naughty elves.


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