Protecting our children, family, pets and the environment from pesticides

Help ensure our children, family, pets and the environment are protected. The Canadian Cancer Society encourages you to stop the use of harmful chemicals on green spaces where we work and play.

Evidence linking pesticides and cancer is suggestive and growing. The use of pesticides has no countervailing health benefit and the potential for harm exists.


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Visit our gardening blog for tips and advice for greener lawns and gardens

Need gardening tips and advice? Have a green thumb and want to share your tips with fellow gardeners? Want to learn how to make your green thumb greener? Our gardening blog will help you on the path to becoming a better gardener. Check it out.

Be pesticide free

Did you know you don't need pesticides to have a beautiful yard? The Saskatchewan Environmental Society has information and tips on going pesticide-free.

Your garden should reflect who you are, horticulturalist says

Canadian Cancer Society's Dr Sanela Begic Le (left) with Donna Balzer at Magic in the Garden



Gardens should be fun, interesting and uniquely your own creation, reflecting who you are, says Donna Balzer, a horticulturist, columnist, author and radio host.

Gardening shouldn't be a source of stress or aggravation but fun for the whole family, Donna told audience members at her Magic in the Garden: 10 Things to Love About Gardens presentations in Regina.

Donna is the author of No Guff Vegetable Gardening. She writes a gardening column in the Calgary Herald, and hosts Bugs and Blooms on HGTV and a gardening phone-in show on CBC Radio. Donna contributes to Garden Life Magazine and Canadian Gardening.

More about Magic in the Garden.


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