Pesticide prevention in saskatchewan

What is happening in Saskatchewan?
We are advocating locally and provincially for a by-law on cosmetic use of pesticides in our province.
Three parks in the City of Regina were designated as part of a pesticide free pilot project for the summer of 2010. The parks include:

  • Gordon Park in southwest Regina
  • Al Pickard Park in north Regina
  • Queen Elizabeth II Court
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Additionally, the Cancer Survivor Garden at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina has been pesticide-free for the first time in summer of 2011. It has not gone unnoticed.
Jade Priddell, an Ultrasound technician at the Hospital who enjoys daily coffee breaks and lunches in the garden had the following to say:


“I would like to take the time to share my appreciation of the Cancer Survivor Garden. I work in a very busy department at the Pasqua Hospital and love being able to take time for myself to reflect on my day and relax in the garden. The Cancer Survivor Garden is a welcoming and peaceful place to rest with greenery and flowers. I like to sit on one of the benches or lie down on the grass in the shade or sun to distress. I value being able to have a break from my busy day to enjoy the warm weather in a chemical and smoke-free area. Spending time in the Cancer Survivor Garden is very important to me.”


Jade Priddell, Ultrasound, Pasqua Hospital”


We have created partnerships with organization in Saskatchewan to work towards educating our residents on the dangers of cosmetic pesticides. The following organization are currently partnering with the Canadian Cancer Society Saskatchewan division:
  • Saskatchewan Environmental Society
  • Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association
  • Saskatoon Health Region
  • Lung Association
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The Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan is working hard to ensure residents have protection from potentially harmful chemicals. We have been active in Saskatchewan communities by:
  • Continuing to work with all levels of government and the medical community on educating our residents of the dangers of using pesticides and safer alternatives.
  • Holding lectures, presentations and seminars on alternatives to cosmetic pesticides to many different age groups.
  • Creating a pesticide free simple-to-use education guide to assist in educating the general public on alternatives they can try at home.
  • Launching our pesticide free guide at an event with horticulturalist Arzeena Hamir.
  • Holding an event with an expert in the field, Paul Tukey for the screening of the film "A Chemical Reaction."
  • Having 3 parks in the City of Regina go pesticide free as well as the Cancer Survivor Garden at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina has been designated pesticide-free for the first time.
  • Carrying out presentations at schools, attending health fairs and other seminars to raise awareness on the issue.
  • Holding discussions with Regina’s condo associations about becoming pesticide free.
What can members of the public do to support the cause?
  • Make your voices heard and let the Saskatchewan Government know that you support legislation banning the use and sale of cosmetic pesticides.
  • You can consider writing letters to the editor in support of local and provincial legislation.
  • Inform family and friends about the risks associated with cosmetic pesticide use.
  • Individuals should replace the use of pesticides on their lawns and gardens with safer alternatives.
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