Tell your legislators: Support SB 2814

Please send a message in favor of Senate Bill 2814, the Future Energy Jobs bill. 

 This legislation would raise Illinois’ energy efficiency standards to historic levels, lowering our utility bills by at least $4 billion and helping to create tens of thousands of jobs.
Critics say it will raise our electric bills—but those arguments fail to count the efficiency benefits that make this legislation a net gain for consumers. 
Please send a message now and urge your legislators to vote for SB 2814.


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Vote yes on SB 2814

Dear [Decision Maker],

As an Illinois consumer concerned about my electric bill, I urge you to support Senate Bill 2814, the Future Energy Jobs Bill.

Energy efficiency is the best way to cut utility bills. This is a historic opportunity for the General Assembly to make Illinois a national leader by increasing efficiency standards to spark at least $4 billion in consumer savings and tens of thousands of jobs.

Please stand up for Illinois consumers by supporting strong efficiency standards, lower utility bills, and more jobs.

[Your Name]