Urgent: Show your support for net neutrality!

  • The good news is California has just passed the nation's strongest internet consumer protections (a.k.a. net neutrality). 
  • The bad news is the White House and big internet providers are mounting legal challenges to kill it--just like they helped kill nationwide net neutrality rules at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last year. 
  • So why is the White House and "Big Internet" so concerned about one state's internet law? Because California, the biggest state in the nation, is so important to the broadband industry that its new rules could force internet providers to apply those same protections nationwide.
  • Here's what we're fighting for: Net neutrality stops AT&T, Comcast and other broadband providers from unfairly blocking or slowing our access to the internet, and charging us more to access certain websites. To CUB, this is a pocketbook issue! 

Send a message to the White House, and join people across the nation in supporting California's strong net neutrality law.


  • President Donald J. Trump


Mr. President, I support net neutrality.

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