Tell Legislators: Support the Clean Energy Jobs Act

ceja christina.jpgCUB stands with 200 consumer and clean energy advocates to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act, Senate Bill 2132/House Bill 3624. The act would be good for our energy bills by boosting efficiency programs and taking advantage of the falling cost of wind and solar power. 

It’s also the only bill in Springfield that would defend against an attack by out-of-state fossil fuel generators. Because the declining price of clean energy has eaten into their profits, fossil fuel companies like Vistra and NRG (and their allies) have been on a constant campaign to change electricity market rules and funnel more money to their outdated and expensive power plants. The latest plan could slam most Illinois consumers with up to $864 million a year in higher electric bills to pay for power we don’t need! 

To answer that threat, the Clean Energy Jobs Act would put the Illinois Power Agency in charge of managing a key electricity market, called the capacity market, that has for years been managed by outside interests and led to higher costs on our power bills. This reform would put Illinois in charge of its own clean energy policy, creating the opportunity to save consumers money while greatly expanding clean energy investment in the state. (For more information on this issue, read our blog.) 

Don’t let out-of-state generators take control of our energy bills. Tell your legislators to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act.


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