Protect our electric bills: Fight Amendment #4 to SB 2080

Please join CUB in fighting bad legislation in Springfield: Amendment #4 to Senate Bill 2080. This legislation would:

  • Increase electric bills statewide by at least $1 billion and likely more by 2030 to give dirty power plants and other power generators a huge bailout.
  • Eliminate key consumer protections and increase ComEd and Ameren Illinois electric rates.

Even worse, this legislation does nothing to implement the one change we need to pass this legislative session: capacity market reform. That means Amendment #4 to SB 2080 turns a blind eye to out-of-state dirty power generators that want to alter electricity market rules and raise our electric bills.

Opponents of capacity market reform are working hard for this bill. So anybody who wants to work for energy that’s clean and affordable in Illinois should oppose Amendment #4 to SB 2080.

This is urgent: The bill could be on a fast track, and might even have a Senate hearing by Wednesday, April 10.

Please tell your legislators: Say NO to Amendment #4 to SB 2080.


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Vote NO on Amendment #4 to SB 2080

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