Tell Gov. Pritzker, Legislators: Protect My Power Bills (pass CEJA!)

Three reasons to support the Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act (Senate Bill 2132/House Bill 3624):

1) CEJA would increase clean energy and give a boost to our economy—drawing more than $30 billion in new private investment—while protecting consumers’ utility bills.

2) CEJA would expand energy efficiency programs that have already saved consumers billions of dollars.

3) CEJA would protect consumers from an impending Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ruling that is expected to funnel more money to dirty power generators and increase electric bills for most customers by up to $864 million a year. (Note: In effect, this ruling would make ComEd customers pay more for dirty power we don't need. The ruling has been delayed over the last few months but is expected to happen before the end of the year--so this is urgent! Read more here.)

This is the most consumer-friendly energy bill in Springfield—CEJA aims to help everyone benefit from clean, affordable energy. That includes seniors on fixed incomes and coal-mining communities that could connect to new clean energy jobs.

Fossil fuel companies and their friends are trying to stall and kill CEJA, so we urgently need your help now.

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