Tell Springfield: CEJA is economic recovery!

The COVID-19 pandemic increases the urgency for Illinois to pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA), House Bill 3624/Senate Bill 2132. CEJA provides consumer protections and economic recovery for all Illinois residents in the wake of a disastrous public health and financial crisis. CEJA would: 

  • Fend off a devastating electric increase of hundreds of millions of dollars a year to pay for dirty power we don’t need.  
  • Draw billions of dollars in private clean energy development, creating well-paying jobs and putting people back to work. 
  • Tackle climate change and reduce the air pollution that has heightened the risk of people in this pandemic.

Please urge the governor and your legislators to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA)!

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Pass CEJA (SB2132/HB3624) for our power bills and the economy

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