Tell your legislators: Strong energy efficiency standards

Any day now, the Illinois General Assembly could be voting on major energy legislation. 

 Right now, we need people to flood Springfield with messages demanding that any energy legislation includes strong energy efficiency standards. 
Efficiency is the best way to cut utility bills. In Illinois we have a historic opportunity to require utilities to dramatically expand investments in energy efficiency, lowering our utility bills by at least $4 billion and helping to create tens of thousands of jobs.

But some big energy interests that profit from higher electricity prices are working to block our plan.

This is urgent: Please send a message now and urge your legislators to vote for stronger efficiency standards, lower utility bills and more jobs. 



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Support Strong Efficiency Standards

Dear [Decision Maker],

As an Illinois consumer concerned about my electric bill, I urge you to support strong efficiency standards in any energy legislation that you consider.

Energy efficiency is the best way to cut utility bills. This is a historic opportunity for the General Assembly to make Illinois a national leader by requiring utilities to dramatically expand investment in energy efficiency. That could spark at least $4 billion in consumer savings and create tens of thousands of jobs across the state.

Please stand up for Illinois consumers by supporting strong efficiency standards, lower utility bills, and more jobs.

[Your Name]