Feb. 5, 2019: Tell the ICC you want to see the price to compare


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What Happened: In its June report on electric competition, the Illinois Commerce Commission's Office of Retail Market Development recommended that the commission require ComEd and Ameren to "prominently display" the price-to-compare (PTC) on all bills—for the sake of "transparency." This same report showed that Illinois consumers have overpaid by $551 million since 2015 on alternative supplier plans. (Read more about the PTC on ComEd and Ameren bills.)

Consumers advocates (including CUB), the ICC and the utilities began to work to get the PTC on bills. But it hasn't been easy. Suppliers griped that ComEd including the PTC on its bills amounted to inappropriate advertising of the utility’s supply rate.

What's The Latest:

  • The good news: The suppliers lost and ComEd is now displaying the PTC on bills. Even better, Ameren has been displaying the PTC on some bills—and it’s filed with the ICC its intention to display it on all bills.
  • The bad news: It’s not that easy to find. That’s why we’re pushing for the PTC to be even more prominently displayed to combat bad deals. 

What You Can Do: 

  • Look at your own bills. (See where to find the PTC on ComEd and Ameren bills.)
  • It's just not obvious or clear to most consumers what they are paying or how to compare supply prices, so we're continuing to push for improvements. Sign CUB's petition urging the ICC to mandate that the PTC be even more prominently displayed on bills. 
  • Stay tuned for updates!

Please sign our petition asking the ICC to require that electric utility bills prominently display the price to compare (PTC).

Dear Illinois Commerce Commission: 

I wholeheartedly support CUB’s efforts to more prominently display the price-to-compare on Ameren and ComEd electric bills.

Clearly showing consumers the utility price-to-compare would be a significant step toward helping people make good choices and avoid rip-offs in the electricity market.

I urge you to give consumers this vital piece of information clearly and prominently on electric bills.


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