June 4, 2019: New Power Prices for ComEd and Ameren Customers


From June 1 through September 2019, these are the electricity prices to compare:

  • ComEd’s new electricity price is 6.725¢/kilowatt-hour (kWh). This price is nearly 9 percent lower than what its customers paid last June. It includes ComEd’s supply rate (5.61 cents per kWh) PLUS a transmission services charge (1.115 cents per kWh). 

  • Ameren's new electricity price is 4.561¢/kilowatt-hour (kWh)This price is down about 2 percent from last summer. It includes a supply rate (3.329 cents per kWh), a transmission charge (1.172 cents per kWh), and a Supply Cost Adjustment (0.06 cents per kWh).

These supply prices do NOT include "delivery charges"—fees the utilities charge you to deliver the electricity to your home. Supply charges take up about a half to two-thirds of your bill, with delivery charges and taxes taking up the rest.

If you’re with an alternative electricity supplier—either a company chosen by you or by your community—compare the price you’re paying with your utility’s rate above.

WARNING: In this market, it’s likely the utility rate is your best bet.

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