Tell Sen. McConnell: Allow a vote on the Save the Internet Act!


save the net.jpgIndependent polls routinely show that roughly 86% of U.S. voters across the political spectrum support net neutrality protections. Earlier this year the House of Representatives responded to their constituents' demands by passing the Save the Internet Act (H.R. 1644).

But the Senate is unable to even discuss the legislation because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell controls the calendarand he refuses to call a vote on the bill.

The Save the Internet Act would restore the Federal Communications Commission’s 2015 Open Internet Order, which promotes competition and prioritizes consumer rights over ISP profits. It would make the pro-net neutrality order into a law the FCC can't repeal. More importantly, the bill would restore the vital regulatory role the FCC abdicated with its 2017 net neutrality repeal.

Since the repeal went into effect a year ago, giant broadband companies have been taking advantage of their unprecedented level of control over the internetbut quietly, while challenges to the repeal are fought in court. Examples of this online “death by a thousand cuts" include arbitrary internet charges, privacy and safety violations and interference in local affairs.

Despite consistently strong bipartisan support for net neutrality, Sen. McConnell told reporters that the Save the Internet Act is "dead on arrival in the Senate." He alone controls the Senate calendar, and the bill cannot be heard unless he schedules it. 

Consumers deserve to know whether our elected representatives stand with the vast majority of consumers, or with a few profit-hungry companies opposed to net neutrality. 

Tell Mitch McConnell: Hold a vote on the Save the Internet Act!

Dear Senate Majority Leader McConnell:

I strongly urge you to schedule the Save the Internet Act (S. 682) for a vote in the Senate. 

My senators cannot represent my interests—the job they were sent to Washington to do—if they can't even vote on legislation. Net neutrality is important to me, and it is supported by a huge, bipartisan majority: 86% of Americans across the political spectrum.   

I support these Internet consumer protections. Americans deserve to have a vote on net neutrality. 


Images used with permission from the Electronic Frontier Foundation

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