Urge Gov. Pritzker to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act


On June 19, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington officially rolled back power plant regulations that were designed to help states like Illinois make their electricity cleaner while controlling costs.

The previous regulations set caps on power plant emissions and gave states a wide range of options to meet those caps, including improving money-saving energy efficiency measures. The new EPA rule allows states to set their own carbon emissions standards for coal-fired power plants. The agency itself has admitted that such a move could result in up to 1,400 more premature deaths by 2030.

Because of strong energy legislation over the years, like the Future Energy Jobs Act, Illinois consumers have saved billions and we have the lowest electric bills in the Midwest. But given events in Washington, we have to protect that advantage and pass the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA). CEJA promotes renewable energy and efficiency and would implement electric market reforms to protect our power bills.

Please sign our petition asking the governor to support strong energy legislation.

Dear Gov. Pritzker:

I urge you to support the Clean Energy Jobs Act in the General Assembly’s Fall Veto session.

Washington is doing everything it can to prop up outdated, failing coal-fired power plants—and that threatens to increase our electricity bills. Dirty power generators are on a constant campaign before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to change the rules in a special electricity market (the capacity market) to favor coal-fired power. And the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just passed new rules to support failing plants.

Thanks to smart energy policy, Illinois has the lowest average power bills in the Midwest. But we have to protect that advantage. We can’t let Washington ruin it.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act would increase the development of renewable energy and protect consumer power bills by promoting energy efficiency and reforming the capacity market. Given events in Washington, it’s vital that Illinois support the Clean Energy Jobs Act to be become a national leader in securing clean, low-cost energy for consumers.

In the Fall Veto Session, please work to pass strong legislation that supports clean energy and puts a lid on our power bills.


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