Jan. 8, 2019: Join the fight against nuisance robocalls


In 2018, people in the United States got hit with a record 47.8 billion robocalls, according to YouMail, a call-blocking software firm. That's about 147 calls per person. In December alone, Illinois ranked seventh in the country, receiving 168 million auto-dialed calls.

While some robocalls are helpful, such as the ones that announce emergencies or school closings, most are annoying, and about a third are scams. Consumers Union estimates that such fraudulent calls cost consumers $350 million a year.

So far, legislation in Congress has gone nowhere, and just a few weeks ago, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) member Jessica Rosenworcel complained that the FCC "is not doing enough to stop this scourge of nuisance calls. Not by a long shot." She called on telecom providers to step up and offer their customers free robocall-blocking technology.

Please sign our petition demanding that companies like AT&T, Comcast and Frontier help their customers stop robocall scams.

To Big Telecom: As an Illinois consumer sick and tired of getting bombarded by robocalls, I demand that you offer your customers FREE call-blocking technology.

Nationwide, consumers got hit with nearly 50 billion robocalls in 2018--the number keeps growing. A significant number of these calls are telecom scams that, according to Consumers Union, help rob their victims of $350 million a year.

Please do the right thing and offer customers like me technology that helps us block such scams--for FREE.


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