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Volunteer Calendar

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Cleveland Foodbank. If you would like to sign up for specific dates and times, please follow the steps below and then select Finish or call the volunteer services assistant at 216-738-2069. If you have not already filled out the volunteer registration form, please do so now. (You only need to fill this form out once.)

Please know that volunteers make our work possible. We welcome your interest in signing up for multiple days and times.

When you arrive, you will be assigned a project and receive further instructions at that time. If there is a specific project that you prefer, for example, prepare meals in our kitchen, please contact the volunteer services assistant directly at 216-738-2069 or email them here. Scheduling a volunteer time allows up to ensure that your volunteer experience is rewarding, productive and safe.

Please be sure to review the volunteer guidelines if you are a first-time volunteer. Please be aware that online scheduling is for individual volunteer times, if you want to schedule a group, please call for availability. If you are completing community service hours, please contact the office prior to your visit. Thank you for your support of the Cleveland Foodbank.

** Don't forget to click "Finish" after you select your shift to complete your registration. **

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