URGENT: Tell Congress: Stop Federal Funding of Religious Schools

As you may have heard, House Speaker John Boehner has introduced legislation to revive a failed voucher program that funnels tax dollars to religious schools in the District of Columbia, nearly two years after Congress began phasing it out. The House will vote on this legislation (H.R. 471) on Wednesday.  Please take action now by contacting your Representative.

The DC Voucher program would provide taxpayer subsidies to schools that indoctrinate students and discriminate in hiring, while also draining funds from public schools that badly need them.  Diverting federal funds to religious schools effectively forces taxpayers to subsidize religion.  Moreover, studies have shown the program does not improve academic achievement.

Tell Congress that taxpayers should not be forced to support religion through public funding of religious schools.  Please help us oppose Speaker Boehner's attempts to resurrect the failed voucher experiment.


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Vote Against Vouchers for DC Religious Schools

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a friend of the Center for Inquiry, I ask that you strongly oppose H.R. 471 (the so-called "Scholarships and Opportunity and Results Act") when it comes to the House floor on Wednesday. This legislation would unwisely restart and expand the failed DC school voucher experiment.

On behalf of myself and CFI, I ask that you defend DC's public school system and the students it serves by voting against HR 471.

I look forward to hearing from you about this matter.

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