Urge Your U.S. Representative to Resist Religious Pressure and Defend Secular Government!

Congress is on a deadline  and organizations dedicated to forcing religious dogma into American law are taking advantage of this opportunity to wield their influence. It’s time for secularists to answer back.

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives have until Sept. 30 to agree on a spending bill or continuing resolution for fiscal year 2014. Because any Congressional spending measure must originate in the House, religious groups are vigorously pushing representatives to introduce amendments that give preferential treatment to their religious beliefs.

For example, the Family Research Council has called upon its members to call and write representatives to demand an amendment that would allow employers to block employees’ equitable access to birth control. This is nothing but a full-on attack on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s birth control coverage mandate.

We’ve been through this before: the birth control mandate is both medically safe and constitutionally sound. Furthermore, the Center for Inquiry believes that religious freedom protects an individual’s right to make choices based on their own conscience  but it does not give an individual, in the name of their religion, the power to restrict other individuals’ choices. Laws should be based on reason, scientific evidence, and humanist values  not religious dogma or pseudoscience.

Yet the FRC and its members continue to press lawmakers to adopt their twisted version of “religious freedom” and their sectarian, unreasonable, and unscientific arguments against birth control.

You can help stop them. CFI’s Office of Public Policy works every day to defend secular values on Capitol Hill  but, to best fight efforts by religious extremists seeking to enshrine their dogma into law, we need your help!

Take this opportunity right now to tell your representative what you think about the role of religion in policymaking, and to demand they support laws based on sound science, secular principles, and humanist values!

Please call or write your representative on Capitol Hill now!

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Protect Secular Government!

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a friend of the Center for Inquiry, I urge you to oppose any amendments to the U.S. House of Representatives' spending bill or continuing measure for fiscal year 2014 that would give preferential treatment to religious beliefs.

As an elected official tasked with defending the constitutional principles of separation of church and state and freedom of religion, I ask you to reject any amendment to the House FY2014 spending measure that would allow people to use their religious beliefs to restrict the freedom of others.

I look forward to hearing from you about this matter.

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