Mandatory Sex Ed for Members of Congress

Lately it's become clear that anti-choice politicians are trusting in junk science to craft policy that affects reproductive rights. It's time that members of Congress be reminded how women's biology works. Write to the Speaker of the House and demand mandatory science-based sex education for Congress.


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Mandatory Sexuality Education for Congress

Dear Speaker Boehner,

It's recently come to my attention that the anti-choice movement has been floating dangerously misguided information about female reproductive biology for years, and that numerous politicians have embraced this junk science. The misunderstanding of female reproduction is particularly glaring in the House of Representatives, where lawmakers have, for example, have sought to limit abortion coverage to instances of "forcible" rape presumably based on the notion that a woman is impervious to pregnancy in the event of a "non-forcible" rape.

In light of this, I'm writing to call on you to institute a requirement that all members of the House take a mandatory, science-based, comprehensive sexuality education course.

It's time to counter the ignorance and make sure our members of Congress are properly educated on the female body and the basics of reproduction.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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