Arkansas Women Need Your Voice


Arkansas is about to outlaw abortions at 12 weeks—the most extreme ban in the country. An attack on Arkansas women is an attack on women everywhere. Tell Governor Mike Beebe to veto the bill now.


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The right decision: Protect women's rights

Dear Gov. Beebe,

When you delivered your State of the State address earlier this year, you said, "Our fellow Arkansans selected us and gave us the task of acting in the best interests of our fellow men and women." Thank you for doing just that by vetoing the 20-week ban on abortion that blatantly violated women's constitutional rights.

I stand with thousands of Arkansas women to strongly urge you to veto this archaic bill and send a strong statement to supporters of this legislation in the Arkansas Legislature that this law is a gross violation of women's constitutional rights.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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