Leave health care out of motorcycle laws

Last night, extremist politicians in North Carolina passed harmful abortion restrictions by attaching them to a motorcycle safety bill. Urge Gov. Pat McCrory to keep his promise not to sign anti-reproductive rights legislation. Tell him to veto this bill.

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It's time to keep your promise - Veto SB 353

Dear Govenor McCrory,

On the campaign trail last year, you said plainly that you would sign not a single new abortion restriction into law as governor. And just a couple weeks ago, you expressed your disappointment in legislators for the backdoor schemes they used to try to pass reckless laws.

I stand with thousands of North Carolina women and men to strongly urge you to veto this bill and send a statement to supporters of this legislation in the North Carolina Legislature that the constitutionally protected reproductive rights of women must be protected, not attacked and denied.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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