What health and safety really mean in TX

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Governor Rick Perry pretends to care about the women in his state. But the truth is that the anti-choice laws he's passed have nothing to do with the safety or health of women. Tell Governor Perry what it really means to "support the health of Texas women."

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What health and safety really mean in TX

Dear Gov. Perry,

Last summer, when you signed HB2 into law, you said, "This is an important day for those who...support the health of Texas women."*

But that's not true.

Doctors and medical experts in your state have put it bluntly: Your law will hurt women, putting their health and lives at risk.**

You have a well-known history of placing women in harm's way. More than 130,000 women in your state have been forced to go without preventive health care since you slashed funding for women's health in 2011.*** Tens of thousands more could lose access to such care because of the additional restrictions you put on the Women's Health Program last year.

I'm talking about essential care--breast cancer screenings, annual check-ups, and even birth control. Nearly half of women who've sought an abortion in Texas since 2011 have reported that they had no way to access birth control in the months prior to their unintended pregnancy.***

**American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Texas Medical Association, and Texas Hospital Association.
***Texas Policy Evaluation Project, led by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, Ibis Reproductive Health, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham

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