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Re: Comments on Abortion Facility Licensing Rules

Dear Ms. Hughes,

I'm writing because I disapprove of the proposed regulations on abortion providers. The restrictions in question are medically unjustified and, if adopted as recommended, would harm women by severely limiting their access to essential reproductive health care.

Abortion is a safe medical procedure, and licensed abortion facilities in Texas are already subject to extensive regulations. Moreover, the proposed rules do not reflect the facts of both medication abortion, which is not a surgical procedure at all, and "surgical" abortion, which is somewhat of a misnomer because most procedures deemed "surgery" require an incision, which surgical abortion does not.

Both medication and surgical abortions are not comparable to the invasive surgical procedures performed in ambulatory surgical centers ("ASCs"), for which the Department's ASC regulations were designed. If the rules are adopted as proposed, the vast majority of licensed abortion facilities in Texas will be forced to close, depriving women of access to safe and legal abortion. By limiting access to abortion without any medical justification, serious consequences for women's health and well-being could result.

I strongly urge the Department to revise the proposed regulations and ensure that licensed abortion facilities in our state can remain open so women can access the reproductive health care they need. The truth is, restrictions and bans won't prevent abortions. They just prevent safe abortions.

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