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#ActForWomen: Tell Congress to support the Women's Health Protection Act

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Champions of reproductive rights in Congress have announced the Women's Health Protection Act—historic legislation that aims to end the relentless attacks on women's essential reproductive health by extremist politicians. We need you to take action today. Tell Congress that it MUST support this Act.


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Make History: Support the Women's Health Protection Act

Dear [Decision Maker],

On January 21, 2015 Senator Richard Blumenthal and Representative Judy Chu reintroduced the Women's Health Protection Act, S. 217 and H.R. 448 respectively. The Women's Health Protection Act will enforce and protect the constitutional right to safe legal abortion, no matter what state a woman lives in.

I urge you to stand strong with your colleagues as they fight for women's health and rights. Please give your support to this historic piece of legislation.

The Women's Health Protection Act would keep states from interfering with women's private decision making and begin to restore the constitutional rights established for women by Roe v. Wade.

We need a federal law that puts women's health and rights first. Support the Women's Health Protection Act.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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