#LetMIVote: An Open Letter to the Michigan Legislature

Any day now, the Michigan legislature could vote on a radical measure that targets women and their families by forcing them to purchase a rider to their health insurance for abortion coverage. Raise your voice and rally against this blatantly discriminatory initiative. Tell the Michigan legislature to let Michigan voters decide.

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Insurance Coverage for Abortion: #LetMIVote

Dear Speaker Bolger and Senator Richardville,

I strongly urge you to allow Michigan voters to decide whether they support the initiative that would force women to purchase a separate insurance rider for abortion coverage. Do not take this measure up for a legislative vote. Decisions about whether and when to have children belong to women and their families, not to political leaders.

Polls demonstrate that this rider is not what Michigan voters want. Two Michigan Governors have vetoed similar insurance restrictions like this in the past. It's time to stop interfering with the health and lives of the women in your state and let the voters decide for themselves.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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