We Won't Go Back: Mark Ruffalo's Story

Mark Ruffalo’s mother experienced the dehumanizing ordeal of an illegal abortion before Roe v. Wade. He wants to make sure that no woman goes through that shame and stigma ever again. Watch the video and then send it to your Representative and Senators in Congress so they know that they must support and pass the Women’s Health Protection Act.


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This is why the Women's Health Protection Act is critical

Dear [Decision Maker],

Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo has a story to tell you. It's about his mother. It's about the shame and stigma she experienced when she had to get an illegal abortion, before Roe v. Wade recognized the constitutional right of all women to make that very personal decision.

I hope you'll watch the video so you can get a true sense of why access to essential reproductive health care is critical for a woman's well-being.

We need a federal law that puts women's health and rights first. Please do everything in your power to support and advance the Women's Health Protection Act.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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