Tell Louisiana's Department of Health to Strike its New Abortion Regulations

Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals has recently proposed regulations that, if approved, will almost certainly close all of your state’s abortion clinics. That would create a real emergency for women, eliminating safe, legal abortion in the state. Further, the regulations require certain medical tests to be done 30 days before the procedure, effectively creating a 30-day waiting period. Please urge the health department to strike these regulations so that Louisiana women continue to have access to safe, legal reproductive health care.

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Re: Proposed Outpatient Abortion Facility Regulations

Dear J. Ruth Kennedy,

I strongly urge you to strike the proposed abortion facility regulations that were published in December 2013. This kind of government overreach will only hurt women. If adopted, the regulations will impose extraordinarily burdensome regulations on abortion clinics that are far harsher than regulations of other health care facilities. These restrictions will in all likelihood close down all of the state's abortion clinics, leaving women with no access to constitutionally guaranteed health care.

You have the power to protect women's health care. Please strike these regulations.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
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