Speak out for Mississippi Women

Governor Phil Bryant has one goal: “to end abortion in Mississippi.” We must take action now to keep the governor from further threatening the health, safety, and rights of Mississippi women. Tell Gov. Bryant to pass policies that support women’s health.


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Veto the 20 week ban H 1400

Dear  Governor Bryant,

I'm writing to urge you to veto H 1400, the unconstitutional abortion ban that passed the House on Feb 13 and the Senate on March 11.

You said in your State of the State speech in January that "[your] goal is to end abortion in Mississippi." But the truth is that bans on abortion won't prevent abortions. They'll just prevent safe and legal abortions.

Please do what's right for the safety and health of Mississippi women and families. Veto H 1400 today.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
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